Bay or Bow Windows

Add dimension to your home with a bay or bow window. These windows project outward, creating a stunning visual display. A bay window can also add seating inside your home.
All windows are available in custom sizes to suit your needs.

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Simonton Vinyl Replacement Bay Window

What are the key benefits of bay and bow windows?

Bay and bow windows add both style and beautiful dimension to both the inside and outside of your home, making a room look much larger than it is while creating the open feeling of a porch or balcony. Bay and bow windows can also add extra seating to your home.

Simonton Vinyl Replacement Bow Window

Architectural Compatibility

Bay and bow windows work well in traditional, transitional or contemporary homes. Tip: look into our custom colors and grids to exude the style you are going for. The right color can turn a traditional window into a contemporary one.

Simonton Vinyl Replacement Double Hung Bay Window

What rooms are best for bay and bow windows and why?

Think of these windows as “show offs.” And we mean that in a good way! The front of your home is a great place for a bay or bow window. When it comes to functionality, add a bay window to a study to create the perfect spot for a good book.

Simonton Vinyl Replacement Bay and Bow Windows

Fun Fact

A bay window helped inspire our blog, “The Window Seat.” Because a bay window can add additional seating, we envisioned people taking a moment to relax while reading helpful design tips on our blog.