Garden Windows

Enjoy flowers and plants year round with garden windows. These windows project outward and provide space for foliage, photos or décor.

All windows are available in custom sizes to suit your needs

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Garden Window

What are the key benefits of garden windows?

A garden window allows you to create your very own greenhouse. For those who love plants, and for the rest of you who just love the style, this window is the best of both worlds.

Simonton vinyl reaplacement garden windows - exterior view

Architectural Compatibility

Much like the bay or bow window, a garden window will look great in about any style of home. Tip: when you purchase a garden window, you actually don’t want Low E glass. That’s because you want the sun’s rays to help your plants grow!

Simonton vinyl replacement garden window in kitchen

What rooms are best for garden windows and why?

The kitchen is definitely the best place for a garden window. We wish we could say more… but really… that’s it!

Woman gardening

Fun Fact

The scientific name for a person who loves being around plants and flowers is a phytophilous. If this description matches you, then a garden window is perfect for you!