Slider Windows

Easy to use, slider windows glide open from either the left or right and provide a wide view of your outside landscape.

All windows are available in custom sizes to suit your needs

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Simonton Slider Windows

What are the key benefits of slider windows?

The best thing about a slider window is, by far, the view. Because this window slides horizontally, only one bar runs down the center of the window, allowing you a large view of your landscape. For large openings, you can choose a 3-lite slider that has a center picture window for an expansive view with sliding end vents for fresh air.

Simonton Slider Windows

Architectural Compatibility

Sliders tend to have a more contemporary appearance and are normally installed in a horizontal opening. This is why mid-century modern, prairie, tudor, ranch and art deco are just a few of the styles of homes that will work with a slider window.

Simonton Slider Windows

What rooms are best for slider windows and why?

A slider is best in rooms where you can easily reach the window to open for fresh air. The slider exudes contemporary style and seamlessly glides on rollers.

Simonton Slider Windows

Fun Fact

Did you know this style of window is called a Yorkshire sash window in Britain? As a matter of fact, many historians believe sliders helped inspire the modern day double hung window.