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patio covers san antonioYou may be sitting in your living room area wondering how best to transform your outdoor space by covering the patio area. Well, save yourself the trouble. Titan Remodeling provides you with a cost-effective remodeling package that is guaranteed to transform that space into a masterpiece. Our company specializes in  custom patio covers in San Antonio. Below are some of the products we offer.


Louvered Roof Patio Covers San Antonio

louvered roof patio covers san antonioLouvered roof patio covers are designed to prevent rainwater from infiltrating your patio area. Our intricately designed covers incorporate high quality aluminum in their structure, thereby proving a stylish, yet strong and durable louver. The flexible design of our louvers also facilitates anticipated customization needs of our clients. For instance, a customer who intends to light up their patio can route the cabling through a hollow channel provided in the rafter. We also offer vinyl or aluminum posts that hold the louvered roof in place, complete with base anchors.

Most importantly, we specifically design individual louvered roof patio covers to suit every project. In fact, we invite customers to share with us their ideal design, however challenging. Try us- we relish a good challenge.

San Antonio Patios & Pergolas

los patios san antonioPergolas provide an ideal feature for embellishing your outdoor space. They comprise of a passageway made out of girders supported by columns. Their open roof structure allows owners to train choice vines on them. Pergolas also provide shade to counter the effects of direct sunshine. We tailor our pergola designs to suit the layout of any site. In order to do this, we always strike a balance between functionality and the aesthetic features of your Pergola. We stick to our commitment to top-tier finishes and the highest level of professionalism in our work. As such, we provide the best covers that suit San Antonio patios.

Our Core Attributes to Los Patios San Antonio

People interested in a Los Patios San Antonio can browse projects from across the country. These masterpieces are an appetizing prospect for your visual prospects. We do not only believe in doing a great job- we believe in offering the best service, collaborating with our customers and standing by our products. We provide Los Patios San Antonio in the SA area with high-end patio covers to suit any outdoor area.

We are the most trusted and highest rated home remodeling contractor in San Antonio, Texas. Titan Remodeling is proud to state that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in May 2015. Our ten years of service delivery to our customers is proof enough of their immense trust in our brand. Along the way, we have provided painstaking, personalized services to every client, regardless of the scope of his or her project.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service by attentively addressing your concerns. Moreover, our talented and personable specialists are easy to work with. We also factor in your considerations for the ideal patio cover in our designs. That way, we provide tastefully designed solutions that match our clients’ needs.

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