The technology of our premium siding is as beautiful as its envy-inducing curb appeal.

Everything you imagine and work for goes into your home. So you have every reason to expect the premium siding you invest in to perform for you decade after decade.

If you’re going to build premium siding with looks as amazing as we have, you better create ways to maintain and protect those looks. So that’s exactly how we engineered Titan’s Siding.

Patented interlocking joint system

It’s what makes seams virtually disappear and our premium siding so easy on the eyes. Plus it’s simpler to install than fiber cement. The effect is aesthetically stunning and moisture repelling.

  • Keeps boards straight and true through the home’s natural expansion and contraction 

  • Eliminates caulked seams and energy loss 

  • No gaps, buckling or wavy lines

titan siding
titan siding