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What real wood aspires to be.

Imagine a premium siding inspired by the gorgeous aesthetics of wood and possessing none of wood’s maintenance demands. Stop imagining. Celect®Cellular Exteriors by Royal® gives you an exterior with the look, touch and timelessness of real wood without its inconveniences and expenses.

Smart Technology

Built to quietly astound.

Celect®Cellular Exteriors by Royal® doesn’t brag; it doesn’t boast. It just sits back and amazes. It looks as handsome as natural wood, but that’s where the similarities end. Its interlocking joints keep moisture out and almost completely eliminate seams, which means it not only looks authentic, it’ll never warp, buckle or shift like wood…would.

Sorry Fiber Cement, this isn’t going to be pretty.

With Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal®, you can forget about mold, fading, deterioration, scrubbing and messy maintenance crews. You can also forget about painting, repainting, caulking, re-caulking and delaminating like Fiber Cement is famous for. Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® is all about virtually maintenance-free great looks that never quit. Year after year, decade after decade.

Recyclable, sustainable and seriously green.

A life and neighborhood enriched with curb appeal is a beautiful thing. Even better: a home exterior that helps you reduce energy costs and save the environment as long as it’s on your home.

  • Unique white substrate helps lower heat absorption

  • Kynar Aquatec® coating provides superior UV resistance and reflects energy back into the atmosphere—reducing the energy demands of heating and air conditioning

  • Insulates 70% better than wood

  • Has almost twice the R-value of fiber cement and wood

Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® Vs Fiber Cement

Structural integrity or chipping and cracking. You choose.

Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® bests Fiber Cement on many fronts (and sides)—from its virtually seamless appearance and moisture resistance to its ease of installation.

Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal®Vs Wood

Unless you’re a termite lover, there really is no comparison.

Wood wishes it were more like Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal®. Mainly because of Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® ability to maintain itself without any effort on your part and its refusal to degrade in the face of wind, sun, time and those pesky termites.