When you compare Titan Siding with Hardie Board siding, our superiority is apparent on every level—from ease of installation, to lack of maintenance and degradation, to weatherability and superior energy efficiency.

Fiber Cement

Titan’s Siding


  • Follows dips and contours of wall

  • Visible nail heads

  • Unsightly seams with caulk lines

  • Interlocking joint system keeps boards straight and aesthetically stunning

  • Eliminates unsightly caulked seams

  • No gaps, buckling or wavy lines



  • Typically requires diamond blades for cutting

  • Heavy—200 pounds per 100 square feet

  • Panel width can vary course by course

  • Requires initial painting or comes in a limited color palette

  • Produces crystalline silica dust

  • High installation cost

  • Patented interlocking joint system makes Titan’s Siding  easier and faster to install

  • No need for special equipment: Boards and trim can be easily machined with standard woodworking tools

  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio means easy loading onto scaffolding

  • Requires no caulking

  • Gravity lock feature keeps individual courses straight and helps reduce installation time

  • Low-VOC product emits no harmful particles or workplace hazards



  • Requires regular painting

  • Requires mold and mildew treatment

  • Wood trim requires maintenance

  • Chips and scratches must be filled

  • Requires ongoing caulking

  • Estimated $14,000 in maintenance costs over 30 year home ownership period

  • Factory-applied colors are designed to stay true so there’s no need to repaint

  • Kynar Aquatec® coating staves off rain, dust, heat, wind and even pollution

  • Titan’s highly impact-resistant finish can handle heat, cold and errant baseballs better than anything

  • Instead of butting against itself, Titan’s siding snaps together perfectly, so there’s no need to fill in the gaps

  • Easy to clean with a quick spray of the garden hose

  • Lower maintenance costs over the life of the home