About Titan Remodeling

Founded in 2005 by Preston Leake, Titan Remodeling has made a name for itself by providing only the best service to San Antonio, Texas homeowners. With a decade of expertise and still going strong, we are dedicated to having satisfied customers. Reviews of our first class services can attest to that. With over 50, 5 star reviews on HomeAdvisor, we are ranked as the number one remodeling company in San Antonio. As we celebrate 10 years in existence, we continue to deliver quality service to our clients that will leave them satisfied and glad to have used our services.

Our Values

We believe in giving the best and can only offer that with a firm foundation in the virtues and the principles we live by. Titan Remodeling Company is founded on Christian beliefs that make it the iconic and exemplary firm it is. These values enable us to leave a mark in the lives of our clients by giving top notch service without holding back. By carrying out our business in the light, we have achieved a A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Running a business that is debt free is one of the things that has enabled us to gain this credential. We continue to offer the very best in our endeavor to better the lives of our clients and those around us. We strive to not only deliver the best, but deliver it in a timely and professional manner. Leaving a place better than we found it is always our end goal. We work toward always being reliable and dependable and let our work win your trust in us.

Our Expertise

Through the years we have perfected the services we offer. This is made possible through 12 dedicated and qualified full time employees. We deliver our services on time and go beyond our call of duty to please, leaving our clients in awe. Clients have attested to getting better end products than they had envisioned. If that is our one crime, then we are guilty of over delivering. Regardless of what remodeling work you need done in your home, we are the company for you.

Improving your home from the state it was to a revamped version is our goal and we deliver with 100% satisfaction guarantee to you. If you are not fully satisfied with the end product, we will make amends to get you to 100% percent satisfaction; and that is a guarantee. Working with the Simonton brand for our window and door, we offer you value for your money; installing energy efficient products that will help you save on your energy costs while giving your home a new level of cozy. Trust Titan Remodeling to take you to new and welcome levels of comfort.


Our Network

We strive to work with the best in the industry in order to give world class service. Our wider team consists of Metals U.S.A, ABC Supply, ALCOA SIDING, Simonton windows as well as TED LANSING. Through these affiliations we are able to deliver our best to you. Want to get a quote from us? Use our online quote calculator that is simple and fast and give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

Titan Remodeling would be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate tailored for your home.   

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