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Screen Enclosures

Get the most out of life lounging, dining and entertaining in your Sunspace Screen Room! We design and build to suit your home, cottage or commercial property. Overexposure to sun, rain and wind can spoil an afternoon outside, but not anymore! With the changing weather in North America, a Sunspace Room Addition helps you control the harsh conditions that may otherwise keep you and your family inside.

Sunspace Model 100 Screen Rooms offer stylish design options, full ventilation and can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck. Ugrades easily to a Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom at any time.

Don’t let nature lock you inside, enjoy the season from the comfort of your new screen room by Sunspace!


  • Can be easily upgraded to a Model 200 Sunroom
  • Screen Options: Better Vue, 18 x 16, Solar Screen, No-See-Ums 20×20, Tuff Screen
  • Solid wall panels
  • Integrated Railings
  • Screen Transoms
  • Full Screen – including kick panel
  • Add Screen Entry Doors
  • Gable roof (post and beam not included)


  • Patio, porch enclosures
  • Residential/Commercial Screen Room additions
  • Mobile home, Trailer, RV additions
  • Free standing
  • Entries
  • Cabanas
  • Gazebo

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