Titan Remodeling in Nashville Offers ASCEND® Composite Cladding Siding by Alside


If you’re considering new siding for your home, we know you want options and don’t want to have to choose between sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. At Titan Remodeling, you have plenty of options for durable composite siding that will add value to your Nashville home.

At Titan Remodeling, we want homeowners to reimagine the exteriors of their homes while guaranteeing protection against natural wear, environmental factors, and the test of time. Our premier composite siding product, ASCEND® Composite Cladding by Alside, seamlessly combines beauty with unwavering strength.


Beautiful Aesthetic

Dreaming of that real wood feel without the pain of all that maintenance? ASCEND Composite Cladding siding is what you need! It's much sturdier than regular vinyl. Each panel presents a generous 7’’ face with a cedar grain texture. With 20 vibrant colors and adaptable trim options, your design vision can be fully realized. Plus, ASCEND’s innovative material ensures the colors remain vibrant, even against relentless weather conditions.

Increase in Home’s R-Value

Whether you’re staying in your house forever or fixing it up to put on the local Nashville market, ASCEND Composite Cladding by Alside siding is a game-changer. It has special insulation stuck to every board, meaning no chilly drafts in winter or hot air in summer. The result? Unparalleled indoor comfort, energy savings, and a boost in property value.

Durable Material

With us, your home gets both style and strength in one package.

ASCEND’s material composition blends glass fibers with titanium dioxide, resulting in unmatched weather resilience, energy efficiency, and moisture resistance. We also provide a comprehensive lifetime warranty covering aspects like protection from color fade and damage from hail.

Easy Installation

The renovation you’ve dreamed of completing shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. ASCEND Composite Cladding siding offers the Nashville community user-friendly, stack lock panels. With no need for touch-ups, sealing, caulking, or joint flashing, our team ensures a swift and comprehensive installation, letting you bask in the renewed beauty of your home.

One Step Closer to Your New Home Sweet Home

Enhancing the aesthetic of your home should never be overwhelming, emotionally or financially. At Titan Remodeling, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier quality, ensuring a seamless renovation journey for your Nashville home. Experience the transformation of ASCEND Composite Cladding by Alside, and let us help you realize the home you've always envisioned. Reach out to Titan Remodeling in Nashville for your complimentary estimate today!

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