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When it comes to a home remodel. Every homeowner wants plenty of options. However, the one thing they shouldn’t have to choose between is beauty and durability.

For siding, we help homeowners reinvent the look of their homes while ensuring those homes stay protected from wear, tear, and time. Our new siding product, Ascend siding by Alside, works wonders in giving homeowners everything they could ask for in curb appeal and dependability.

Ascend Siding by Alside

Beautiful Aesthetic

Want the look of real wood without the upkeep? Then look no further than our new Ascend siding by Alside. This composite material stands leagues above vinyl as it’s stronger and more durable. Every panel has a wide 7’’ flat face with a cedar mill grain. And with your choice of 20 color options and versatile trim compatibility, you can achieve any aesthetic. And thanks to Ascend’s material technology, you don’t have to worry about your dark colors fading under the elements.

Increase in Home’s R-Value

If you’re in your forever home or flipping it for the next family, this composite siding product is the ideal choice for renovations. Ascend siding by Alside has form fitted insulation that is permanently laminated into each panel. This prevents heat from escaping in the cold months or seeping into your home in the summer. Keeping your family comfortable, your energy bills low, and your home value high.

Durable Material

With Titan Remodeling, you don’t have to choose between beauty and durability because we offer both in this easy to install package.

Ascends compound material technology infuses glass particles with titanium dioxide for top-of-the-line weather resistance, non-moisture-absorbing materials, and energy efficiency. And if that’s not enough to keep you protected. We offer further coverage with our lifetime limited warranty for a range of circumstances like fade protection and hail damage. 

Easy Installation

We want to make your life easier with your dream renovation. Ascend Siding by Alside is easy to install with self-aligning stack lock panels. You don’t have to worry about time spent on sealing, touch ups, joint flashing, or caulking. We’re in and out quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the look of your home.

One Step Closer to Your New Home Sweet Home

Who said renovating the look of your home had to be stressful? Titan Remolding strives to make remodeling stress free by giving our customers the quality they deserve. Ascend Siding by Alside exemplified the stress-free renovation that helps you achieve the home aesthetic of your dreams.
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