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When it comes to remodeling and home transformation, Titan Remodeling stands as a beacon of excellence not just in Nashville, but beyond. Finding a siding contractor who can guide you through the complex process of selecting material and to give your home a distinct flair is no small task. But with our exemplary craftsmanship, homeowners receive more than a mere replacement of siding. They receive a transformation.
The choice to remodel shouldn't merely be a decision for siding replacement. Let it be an opportunity to transform a boring exterior into something that turns heads and becomes the talk of the neighborhood. We sincerely hope you choose Titan Remodeling serving Nashville for your remodeling project. Together, we can create a dwelling that not only serves as your home but is also a statement of your taste and elegance—a home you can truly be proud of.

Why Hardie – Durability

What does durability mean when it comes to the exterior of your home? It’s about the lifetime and performance of the material against the relentless battering of nature. Heavy weather is a constant challenge, and only the most resilient siding can protect your home in Nashville. The plank siding from James Hardie is scientifically tailored to do exactly that, offering homeowners a product that radiates unwavering beauty for years and years.

Engineered for Climate

Hardiplank is a unique siding on the market, designed specifically for the climate in which it’s installed. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it's tailored craftsmanship. The Hardie plank siding installed for home in Nashville is much different than what protects homes in Minnesota. Why? The conditions of the climate vary greatly, and James Hardie has addressed this with finesse.

James Hardie has categorized the country into 10 different climate zones, recognizing different regions face temperature fluctuations and unique weather patterns. This siding is scientifically designed to battle what Nashville weather can throw at it. Humidity, scorching heat, or even frigid temperatures are mere inconveniences for James Hardie’s unmatched strength.

James Hardie

James Hardie is more than a brand; it’s a name synonymous with the epitome of quality and reputation in the siding industry. Each product emanates attention to detail and climate-specific standards, giving you confidence that your investment is tailored to your region’s needs. Their wide array of designs ensures performance and aesthetics are of the highest order.

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Get The Beauty of Cedar Without The Maintenance of Wood

What is Hardie Board?

The fiber cement siding from James Hardie is an industry leader for excellent reasons. It offers not only the most robust build but also longevity in color and appearance, continuing to look fresh over time. This durability and aesthetic appeal are why many homeowners choose the siding from James Hardie.

Explore the rich collection of James Hardie's products, including everything from trim to high-performance fiber cement siding, backer board, and more. Their comprehensive offerings we provide Nashville include HardiePlank lap siding, HardieShingle lap siding, and HardiePanel vertical siding carries James Hardie’s approval for unmatched design and resilience.

James Hardie Siding vs. Other Fiber Cements

James Hardie is America's #1 siding brand, setting standards for premium trim and siding. Their engineered fiber cement has not only created better homes but is also trusted by homeowners and industry experts alike.

Vinyl Siding Vs Hardie Board

When it comes to synthetic siding options, vinyl siding, and Hardie board lead the market. While vinyl siding, made with durable PVC material, has been a trusted option since the replacement of old aluminum siding, Hardie board's introduction in the 1980s brought an entirely new dimension of robustness. So, what will suit your home best? Let us help you decide.

vs. Wood, OSB & Cedar Siding

Seeking to replace or choose the best siding for your home in Nashville? James Hardie Plank Siding is a standout option, rising in popularity for its longevity and beauty. Unlike vinyl siding and different materials, James Hardie Siding is both durable and adds a sophisticated touch to your dwelling.

James Hardie VS. Masonite

In the realm of siding, James Hardie's fiber cement siding stands tall with its lasting allure and resilience against the elements. A leader in the industry, their various offerings are crafted unequally. While masonite siding, also known as hardboard, has existed for ages, it's important to distinguish it from James Hardie's Hardie Board. These are two entirely different entities, each with its unique characteristics. Make an informed choice and revel in the beauty and durability of James Hardie's products.

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